Shipment Consolidation

A shipment is considered LCL when there is not enough cargo to fill a container. In these cases, individual customers’ cargo may be consolidated into a shared container. When several of suppliers in the same region have LCL shipments available around the same time, a buyer’s consolidation may be created.

work smarter and satisfy customers

Reduces landed cost and transportation cost. Cargo will be handled less, which reduces the transit time. Reduced handling reduces the risk of damage to your goods.

If you are importing goods from China and deal with several manufacturers, then we will help you deal with all of them at any quantity, and ship to your destination under a cheaper FCL configuration. We can even hold stock for you at our warehouse throughout the year and in difficult times such as Chinese New Year and other festive seasons where most manufacturers shut down.


We can arrange for LCL export quantities to be delivered to our warehouse, especially for Australian wine exports. Once the wine arrives in a full container to the warehouse, it is de-consolidated into pallets for each client. We can then hold the wine until it is sold and delivered to local distributors in smaller units of supply.

Chinese customers can order LCL quantities

You can sell your Australian wine at LCL quantities but offer your clients a cheaper FCL shipping price.


We can arrange for storage of pallets or fixed square metre depending on your needs and can expand storage area as you grow your business. Fully secure with dual cargo elevators, we can provide anything from 2m by 2m spaces to a dedicated 1,000m floor. Our FTZ Warehouse capacity is based on two buildings each 1,000 square metres per floor x 7 floors, giving a total of 14,000 square metres of warehousing.

Wine Storage and Marketing

Wine is our speciality and our passion. We offer wine storage and warehousing, trade displays and marketing assistance. We understand that marketing Australian wine in China is about educating the public and marketing Australian Wine Regions and Culture as much as the individual wine label.  Our Australian Wine Team includes branding and label specialist and wine sommelier professionals. We help develop wine sales channels to satellite cities and online and provide wine tastings and courses to promote wine appreciation.

For Australian customers seeking to enter or develop the Chinese market, we can offer assistance in developing channels, POS marketing, displays, in-warehouse trade meetings and displays, wine tastings and sommelier wine classes etc.

Outsourcing and Consulting

Part of the shipment consolidation service can extend naturally to outsourcing, as we are located in a highly diverse and industrialised part of China, we can on your request, search for products and manufacturers and engage them on your behalf, a sort of buyer’s Advocacy service.

As  we are located within three main commercial hubs, namely, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, and we are connected with a number of warehousing and logistics companies locally, we are in the ideal position to source goods made in China on behalf of our Australian clients, for example, electronics goods, batteries, LED lighting etc. Furthermore, we can negotiate better prices and terms, as our buying power increases where several Australian buyers are seeking a similar supplier, stored under our warehouse.