About Us

In 1995, our Principal Director (Meng) established a consulting and warehouse operation in the first Free Trade Zone (“FTZ”) area in Guangzhou. This was one of the first three FTZ areas in China (the other two being Shanghai and Shenzhen), attracting foreign capital and customers. The company has been operating now for over 20 years and retains the original loyal staff catering to a number of Top 500 International Corporations across a number of segments which include retail goods, and wine (US, Italian, French and German wine companies).

During this time, Meng provided Consulting Services to incoming foreign companies and investors and providing company registration services and business support to import/export companies, and in December 2019, we launched Aulisone Supply Chain Solutions.

Aulisone Supply Chain Solutions – Our Mission

Our aim is to provide effective cost reductions in logistics and freight through shipment consolidation and warehousing. We will assist Chinese exporters handle small (LCL) orders to Australia, and we will help Australian importers place LCL quantity orders at FCL prices.

Our Mission goes further to assist Australian exporters develop inroads into the Chinese market, in particular, Australian Wine Exporters and Producers through marketing and supply chain supporting activities.

Save in warehouse and other operating costs in importing.

Consolidate sea freight.

Enhance the control of the product supply.

Be Close to the procurement market, help to develop an import plan.

With the extension of the supply chain, you can control the supply chain in trade.